Iron Message

by Eddy P


This album was inspired and motivated by Eddy's renewed faith in God. Though primarily a Hip/Hop album there is also a gospel element to it. Each song highlights various points of Eddy's life, ranging from overcoming tough periods of loss, to experiencing great moments of victory. He speaks on topics such as fate, mercy and forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of letting go of the past in order to prosper in the future.This album though short, cuts to the chase, revealing the artist in a way that after listening to it's entirety the audience wont leave wondering who he is and what he's about.


released July 12, 2015



Eddy P Renton, Washington

Born in Sacramento, California in 1985 Eddy P learned at a young age he had the gift of communication. In 2014 he released an EP called Iron Message after being inspired by his renewed faith in God. Since then he's released 4 additional singles, from 2014-2015 before releasing his latest and most current album Iron Message 2 an EP that just was released in April 1st 2016. ... more

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